Mission statement


When it comes to communication, the tone often makes the music. This is also true for translations: it is not enough to simply take the words and translate their meaning; it is the message that needs to be transported into the new language – because you are trying to communicate with people, not computers.

There is a treasure of underlying messages beyond the surface of the bare content. It is my responsibility as a translator to get the right messages across to your audience to help you sell your product – the way the original content already did.



Things you won’t see in a Bula! translation (or copy, for that matter):

  • Unnecessary Anglicisms – because your target audience is German
  • Words suffering from a linguistic identity crisis (half English, half German)
  • A confused text that doesn’t know who to address
  • A generalised text that tries to appeal to everyone but reaches no one in particular
  • A text that causes people to shake their heads in disbelief or confusion
  • A boring text that doesn’t work

Usually, all it takes is a good brief and reliable communication to achieve this.

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