Bula! Translations consists of Nadine Cesson – chief translator and navigator – and her network of experienced freelancers (linguists and designers).

I am a former illustrator and designer with a great passion for languages and traveling. After a few years in the design business and several months of extensive traveling, I decided to complete a professional training course to become a state-certified interpreter and translator (EN<>GER) in 2009. Since then, I have been continually learning my business through research, professional trainings and conferences (both on- and offline).

My former career as a designer has allowed me to acquire extensive knowledge of the industry’s specialist vocabulary, the business and processes, and the software involved.

I have a lot of experience with advertising and marketing language and enjoy engaging in social media.

When it comes to translation, I am a perfectionist; because I love the „riddle“ that each sentence presents to the translator, and the challenge of finding the right tone to transport the content into the culture of the target language. I am always happy to go the extra mile for you when it comes to crafting the perfect advertising/marketing copy.

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